Acupuncture is a part of the Traditional Medicine and consists of an insertion of sterile needles in specific points into  the skin.

Its healing power is by cause of the stimulation of neuropathways and circulation of the body that also support and boost the immune system.


Sterile needles are inserted into specific points that are naturally at areas of greatest change and communication with each other in the channels between cells, tissues and organs.

The needles are very thin, and does not hurt. You can feel like a small pinch, or a small electric current going up or down, or a small tingling sensation.

Cupping Therapy

This technique uses a vacuum to decompress tissues that are tightened and restricted.

It pulls stagnant blood and material up to the surface of the body where there is more metabolic activity and it is easy to metabolize that waste material.

At the same time it creates more space on that tissue, bringing new blood and fluids into that area.


With cupping those tissues are receiving new nutrients and have a better chance to be nourished and to heal faster.

It can leave marks  on the skin that fades within a week up to 3 months ( depends on the intensity) and it does not hurt. It actually feels really nice and most of the patients tend to love it!

Nutrition is the supply of materials that organisms and cells depend upon for growth, metabolism and repair.

When you eat, you are either nourishing your body or feeding a disease

Nutritional Assessment 

It is an individual evaluation that takes into account food habits, lifestyle, medical history and body measures such body weight, body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone density, hydration of the body and metabolic age to establish a nutritional status and energy requirements.

Nutritional Advice

The nutritional advice consists on introducing specific foods and/or supplements into your eating habits.

It can also be done a meal plan to guide you daily on your nutrients requirements

It can also be done in the clinic Hair Mineral and Heavy Metal toxicity test and/or Adrenal Cortisol Profile Saliva test. Both can give a good input in establishing the nutritional status. Ask about this service during your consultation.

Hair Mineral Analysis test

Hair analysis is a simple, non-invasive and inexpensive way of testing for nutrient /toxic interactions. 


Studies confirm that long term exposure to toxic elements /minerals can progressively impair various enzymatic and neurological processes, leading to a variety of health conditions. Systems affected by toxic element accumulation include

·         Cardiovascular

·         Fertility

·         Gastrointestinal

·         Neurological

·         Urological

Toxic Elements that are measured:


     Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, Aluminium, Nickel

Minerals that are measured: 

 Potassium, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Chromium, Selenium, Phosphorous, Cobalt, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium

Adrenal Stress Profile Saliva test

People in today's society tend to lead frenetic, unbalanced lifestyles.

Commonly, individuals experience continuous stress, not only from emotional stress (e.g. marital, financial, and occupational) but also from physical stress (e.g. sleep deprivation, caffeine consumption, pain, extreme exercise) without adequate recovery.

Chronic exposure to these stress often causes elevations in adrenal hormone levels, leading to disorders ranging from anxiety to infertility.

While many individuals are able to cope, the adrenal glands may, over time, start to have an impaired response to stress, which reduces adrenal hormone output.

The resulting adrenal insufficiency, also known as adrenal burnout or adrenal fatigue, may present with a constellation of symptoms from chronic fatigue to allergies.

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